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Monday, November 10, 2008


I don't ask for things on my blog, but this is a special circumstance.  If you are reading this and can help, it will mean so much.

My friend Linda, restaurant manager, baseball fan, movie buff and comedienne extraordinaire, has a debilitating spinal condition for which she recently underwent surgery.  Add to that the fact that this surgery has left her incapacitated for 6-8 weeks and therefore unable to work, and you see the problem.

So, the Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill and ComedyCity (at the Flea Market) are holding a benefit fundraiser for her.  There will be live music (and open mic) by some of Kansas City's favorite local musicians.  There will be cheap world famous Flea Market burgers and beer. There will be comedy.  And there will be raffles with incredible prizes.  Even a City Pretties Earrings of the Month Club membership (a pair of earrings once a month for six months - a $99 value).

The cover charge will be $5 (for the Flea Market side), $20 (for the ComedyCity side, which pays for the show, entry to the Flea Market and two tickets to a future ComedyCity show!) and raffle tickets are $2 (buy five, get one free!) for the smaller items and $10 for "big ticket" items, including Chiefs and Royals tickets, dinners at The Quaff, bluestem, Avenues Bistro, Governor Stumpy's, Matsu Sushi, a year's free admission to the Riot Room, and much, much more.

You can find more information and the invitation here.

Donations will also be accepted via PayPal to lindadonations@fastmail.net.  This can be done absolutely safely and securely:

1.  Go to PayPal
2.  Click on the "Send Money" link at the top of the page
3.  In the To: box, enter lindadonations@fastmail.net
4.  In the From: box, enter your email address
5.  In the Amount: box, enter the amount you wish to donate
6.  The For: button should indicate "Services/Other"
7.  Click "Continue"
8.  On the next page you will securely enter your credit or debit card info (or if you already have a PayPal account, you will sign in)
9.  Click "Agree & Continue"
10. Review your payment and info, write a message if you like, and click the orange "Send Money button.

You should receive an immediate email receipt for your payment.  Please rest assured that your donation will reach Linda in cash.

If you live in KC, join us at 817 Westport Road on Sunday night, November 30, starting at 7pm! 

Your good will will mean so much to someone who needs it.  Please help if you can!

Thank you.

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Sandra Evertson said...

Lovely blog and that pup Zelda is adorable, you will probably like my Halloween posts! Check it out! My chi Juliette is the star of it!