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Friday, November 21, 2008

Amazing Local Design & Decor Experts

In my ongoing quest for the best locally-owned services and retail establishments here in Kansas City, I've recently become aware of a great little shop in the Prairie Village Shopping Center (6911 Tomahawk Rd.) that specializes in home decor: Stoney Broke, Ltd.

Stoney Broke has a number of things going for it. It's locally owned by Kansas City Interior Designer Joye Adamson, and when it comes to buying unique and different items for her clients to discover, she really knows her stuff. The accessories offered cover all price points and there are some excellent bargains to be found. Three design professionals are on staff to advise on everything from paint and wallpaper to where-should-I-put this-great-bowl-I-just-bought, and a complete floral design team experienced in creating the perfect arrangement or seasonal wreath for you is at your beck and call.

Several of my girlfriends have known about this wonderful store for some time and one of them is part of their personable and knowledgeable staff.

If you're looking for expert and elegant interior, floral, or complete home design, an objet you'll love, an unusual Christmas gift for someone cool, or if there's just something for your home you've been looking for that you can't seem to find, I recommend you give Stoney Broke a look and a call. They probably have it!

Check out their web site or call them at (913) 432.3700.

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