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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Clare & The Reasons

My friend, Paul Dalen of Reverse-Thread, wrote on his happy blog about this band. That's when I knew I had to check out Clare & The Reasons, because Paulie's got great taste. He's one of those lucky people in NYC who can just walk to the nearest cool venue and listen to great music. Fortunately, he shares his discoveries with me.
Clare Muldaur

Clare Muldaur is the daughter of Geoff Muldaur (amazing singer and founding member of the Paul Butterfield Better Days blues band), half sister of Jenni Muldaur (daughter of Maria Muldaur, whose big hit back in the 70s was "Midnight at the Oasis," although I love most of her music) and niece of Diana Muldaur, who played Dr. Pulaski in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

All of that said, she's obviously her own woman and stands without her famous relatives, on her own, exciting and novel in her talents. You won't hear a band with this unique sound anywhere except a C&TR show.

Go to her MySpace page here and listen to her music - I highly recommend "Pluto," "Rodi" and "Cook for You."

They will be playing at South By Southwest in Austin this month, so you can catch them there, or you can buy the new CD, "The Movie" on iTunes, at your local record store or on Amazon.com. Do it. I did. Be cool like me.


acaligurl said...

hey i'm headed right over to take a listen!!!
fun stuff!!

Jen Ballantyne said...

Hi darl, I just came by to thank you for your support on my blog, it means a lot. By the way, I like your blog and am off to check it out a bit more now. Thanks again, take care jen b xx

acaligurl said...

hey i checked it out! very 'kewl'

Julie said...

You've been tagged! Come to my blog to read the rules.

acaligurl said...

hey wher've ya been?