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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I heart these blogs

I have two friends who blog like madwomen, and I'm glad they do. They've both been phenomenally supportive of my own tiny blog, offering advice and encouraging me all the way.

This week, one of them, Lidy of French Garden House:

honored me with a blog award:

It's the "You make my day" Award. I'm flattered because for one thing, Lidy's blog is just incredible. She's an antiques dealer who specializes in the shabby chic, and besides that she's wonderfully strong, spiritual, thoughtful, smart, loving and generous. What more can you ask for in a friend? She's a marvel at what she does, and if you love beautiful things (who doesn't?) check her blog here at Little French Garden House and her web site here at French Garden House. She says my blog is beautiful, but it pales in comparison to hers.

Megan, at Beach Bungalow 8

was thrilled when she heard I was creating a blog, sending me a barrage of helpful emails filled with information, advising me on what to and what not to do, how to get traffic, and how to get actual income from it. She knows it ALL. Her beautiful and happy blog is a new adventure to read every time I click it, and she's always got great photos of whatever she writes about.

I check BB8 usually several times a week and I encourage everyone else to do so as well - you'll find funky things you didn't know existed, ideas for decorating (Megan is an interior designer with a fantastic eye for mixing the vintage with the modern), clothing, shoes, jewelry, music, just anything and everything there is to enhance living and life. She also has a "voice" that lacks the stodgy formality many people (like me) feel the need to use when writing for others. I love the way she words things. She's added some new words to my lexicon (I call them "meganisms" which makes her mother giggle).

Megan is also in the midst of planning her Mexican beach wedding (which I'll only be able to attend if my passport gets here quick) and still finds time to care for her two beautiful girlies and her handsome and big-hearted fiancé, run a business, a household and write a blog. She's also stunningly beautiful.

Megan's older sister was my best friend in high school (and we're still very close). She and I have become friends outside of that relationship and she has posted about my Etsy shop and this blog (she featured me as a "blog o' the week").

I want to thank Lidy and Megan for their kind support and assure both of them that I'll make an attempt to repay their kindnesses some day, somehow. I know that friendship isn't about keeping score - and I don't do that - but I'd like to be supportive of their endeavors too.

So this is a shout out to just two of the many very supportive women I have in my world. I'm lucky; women need other women, and I've got the best of 'em!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hey,sweet girl,

Thanks so much! I'm honored to be called your friend. I love visiting your blog,(sooo glad you got one!!) it's fun and beautiful and educational. I heart your blog, too.

I think I'll pop over and visit Megan's blog, she sounds like a great girl. xo Lidy

city pretties said...


You've been so good to me and I didn't want your award or your valuable advice to go unanswered. Megan is just your kind of girl too - smart, funny, and a fierce designer.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for being a great friend and support!

beachbungalow8 said...

i'm all misty now. thank YOU. you're going make all of us up our blog game now. your writing, is so eloquent and filled with fresh and novel info
thank you for your nice words. now get that passport and join us for the mexican wedding.